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No one has exactly your point of view. As an artist, you get the opportunity to convey with the help of color. 

I have always been fascinated by how colors can be mixed, grow, and form patterns. Of the abstract, of what’s larger than the formable, and with a broader sense.


Maybe that's why my center of creation has become my abstract acrylic paintings. I want them to act as a gateway to your soul. My passion is to take you to a dimension beyond words. Arouse curiosity. Let color, shape and pattern resonate and affect from the outside in. My hope is that you will meet me in my art and that your point of view becomes clear.

I am an artist and designer, based in Orebro, Sweden. My passion is to create. It takes different forms, ranging from abstract acrylic paintings to technical ideas and much in between. 

If you want to read more about me as a designer, you can find it here. And if you are interested in seeing more of my art, you will find it here.


Vedic ART Örebro, Sweden November 2022

A group exhibition in Örebro. I show three of my paintings.

Virituals Artists, Metaverse Ocktober-November 2021

Live exhibition. Visitors created an avatar and visited Virituals Artists gallery in the metaverse. My painting "Happy Vibe" was exhibited.

Vedic ART Örebro, Sweden September 2021

A group exhibition in the cozy "Wadköping" in Örebro. I show three of my paintings.

”Step” Norrköping, Sweden December 2018

A group exhibition in the cozy gallery "Gallerili" in Skärskind (Norrköping, Sweden) where I shared the space with a ceramicist and a photographer. For me, the exhibition was a step where I went back to look at my journey as an artist and to see what my next step would be.

”Seen” Örebro, Sweden Januari 2015
An art exhibition of over 100 sqm. For the exhibition, I painted a self-portrait of just over 2x3 m and made self-designed mirrors from recycled leather and mirror glass. The exhibition aimed to give the visitor a place to experience the encounter with himself, arouse curiosity and discover what is difficult to put into words. The exhibition also offered a printed folder where own poems related to the subject were presented to create the right feeling. The local newspaper Nerikes Allehanda drew attention to the exhibition with a large report.


”Colors of life” Örebro, Sweden October 2014
A colorful exhibition where the abstract acrylic paintings were given space of 50 square meters.


”Life path” Örebro, Sweden June 2014
Debuting art exhibition. Abstract acrylic paintings and installations that aimed thoughtfully at the fact that we should stop, undress our identity and dare to meet each other in abundance, the only thing we are sure we have is the step we are taking now. The local newspaper NA had the exhibition as its first tip on the culture & entertainment side.

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